September 16, 2013

Me & Parmalee

Hi Friends!

     I finished yet another show with Parmalee (Broken Bow Records) this weekend! I've had the pleasure of opening for these guys twice and both times were super fun and just overall great! I first opened for the guys in Wilmington, North Carolina. This show was especially near and dear to me since most of you know, Wilmington is my hometown. It was so wonderful seeing so many familiar faces. I REALLY felt so much support from the town (thanks Wilmington, love y'all!). I have known the Parmalee guys for a few years now through my husband, John and having ties to Greenville, North Carolina (their hometown- Go Pirates!).  This past weekend, together we played the White Oak Amphitheater in Greensboro, North Carolina. Although I have always heard and known of these guys to be very down to earth and friendly, this was my first interaction with them since signing their big record deal and having two songs ("Musta Had A Good Time" and "Carolina") to hold places in within the Top 50 of the country music charts (check out their newest single, Carolina- still climbing the charts!), I was anxious to see if the fame and attention had rusted their "down home, one of the boys" character- as fame tends to sometimes do. Well, let me just say that these boys are EXACTLY the same as they were before receiving radio play, touring, and signing a deal. They were so kind and friendly to me as well as my band. Not only were they very humble and fun- but the crew they traveled with were equally as friendly and kind. You won't find any egos with this bunch of guys. Not to mention, their show is wonderful! I had not had a chance to see the guys perform since the college bar days and I have always thought they were talented musicians and songwriters. These days, if you get a chance to see a show, you can expect:  a lot of high energy sing-along songs, an intimate, broken down acoustic set in between, and one big party! I had a chance to watch them from the audience and backstage and I can't emphasize enough how humble and courteous these boys are.
     Above all, the guys of Parmalee are extremely inspiring. Anyone who knows of the band or has followed them over the years understands the journey these boys have taken to reach where they are now. This was no overnight success. These boys are hardworking and seem very appreciative of where they are now.  They truly opened my eyes to the work it takes to break into this business and gave me a new perspective and outlook towards my own career goals. I can't thank these guys enough for sharing the stage with me and I look forward to more shows together. They have given me a wonderful experience, exposure to new fans, and most of all- hope.

(Me & Parmalee- 2013 Wilmington, NC)

     For more information about Parmalee, visit the official website Download the new single "Carolina" on iTunes today.


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